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Puzzle box - surprise

Puzzle box - surprise
Puzzle box - surprise
Puzzle box - surprise
Puzzle box - surprise
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Puzzle box - surprise
Puzzle box - surprise
Puzzle box - surprise
Puzzle box - surprise
Puzzle box - surprise
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Age group For adults

The puzzle box - a hiding place for money - is a great original gift for adults and children and is made of 100% natural solid monkey wood with exquisite design details to become a mysterious gift box for banknotes.

This puzzle is a much more interesting way to gift money than just giving it to a person.

Put the banknotes in the puzzle and lock it as shown in the instructions and give it away. Then watch your friend or relative try to figure it out to get your gift.

Your mission is to create some fun!

Look no further for an unconventional mind-boggling challenge filled with excitement! Enveloped in mystery and bewildered, this wooden puzzle is a brilliant mix of mind-provoking challenge and captivating fun.

This seemingly simple-looking wooden box hides a tempting secret inside that can only be opened with the right sequence of movements. Solving is just as much fun as watching someone else try to unlock this magic box. Its internal compartments are ideal for hiding your money or hiding other valuables out of sight, such as banknotes, cards, tickets and more.

Quality, cool and unique gift!

Surprise your special person by locking his gift in this clever but clever gift box. The lucky recipient must solve his confusing puzzle before the intricate magic box is unlocked to reveal the treasure hidden inside. This is a great start to a conversation, and the perfect gift box is suitable for holidays, birthdays, weddings, diplomas and any other special occasion.

Fun for everyone!

This special item is designed to provide a fun challenge that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This is a great mind stimulating exercise that inspires fun in solving problems while improving brain function.

All ToysForHealth products are carefully selected and recommended by our team of health experts and clinical psychologists. Based on the assessment, this product is extremely suitable for the development of mental and cognitive skills in children.

Dimensions: 9.7 / 20 / 2.8 cm. ; weight: 0.13kg.

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