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Some of the most unforgettable childhood memories are related to playing with friends. When you give away games, you teach children how to make and maintain friendships. Cooperative play helps children and adults to improve their social skills and create mood. Give a game or object that is high quality and remains a beautiful memory of the owner.

We present you a high quality and precisely made puzzle made of natural solid monkey pod wood - a great game / gift for adults!The idea of ​​the puzzle is as follows: put a bottle of wine in the puzzle and assemble it according to the instructions. The wine becomes "locked" in the puzzle and cannot ..
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Love the game of pool but don't have enough space at home? The great pool game classic finally in a compact tabletop version.Easy to carry thanks to its small size.These types of games stimulate dexterity, concentration, strategic thinking and a sense of balance.All ToysForHealth products are carefu..
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This luxury set consists of 6 puzzles of high quality solid monkey pod wood, placed in a beautiful box.Each puzzle is made up of individual parts that must be disassembled and then assembled in a specific order to restore its original appearance. The puzzles are of medium to high complexity, don't e..
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We present to you a luxury game made of high quality solid monkey pod wood.This game can be played alone or by 2-4 players. The player must roll two dice and move the corresponding tiles, which are equal to the total of the two numbers. For example, if someone rolls 3 and 6, the total is 9. Now the ..
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Puzzle box - surprise Puzzle box - surprise
-14 %
The puzzle box - a hiding place for money - is a great original gift for adults and children and is made of 100% natural solid monkey wood with exquisite design details to become a mysterious gift box for banknotes.This puzzle is a much more interesting way to gift money than just giving it to a per..
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Great collection of the most popular board games (chess, backgammon, checkers, Othello and Brainvita) put together in a wooden box with a carrying handle. All you have to do is unscrew the bolt nuts and remove the necessary components and a game board (5 different games on 3 double-sided boards). Th..
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Wooden dominoes Wooden dominoes
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The dominoes in the wooden box are made of solid monkey pod wood and are a great luxury birthday gift for children and adults - a fun challenge for your mind.The game contains 96 tiles (6 layers), and includes points from 0-12 on each side of each tile. Suitable for 2-4 players. At the beginning, 5 ..
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We present you a wooden puzzle made of solid natural monkey pod wood in the shape of a pyramid, suitable for children and adults. It's time to put your mind together and train. The puzzle consists of 7 wooden parts, different in shape and base.The goal is for the player to place the pieces in the ri..
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The puzzle is made of 100% natural wood. Durable monkey pod wood is used and each piece of the set is handmade with great precision to ensure an easy and correct fit. The wood is hypoallergenic, without chemicals and without noticeable odor.The goal is to get the heart out of the puzzle. This puzzle..
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Mysterious gift box for any occasion, made of 100% natural monkey wood with exquisite design details.Try to open the box with the sliders of five wooden keys on both sides of the box, placing them in the correct position to unlock the box, then you can pull the lid of the box out.This can be a diffe..
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Wooden puzzle pyramid "Beehive" Wooden puzzle pyramid "Beehive"
-17 %
We present you a wooden puzzle made of natural monkey mod tree type "bee pyramid" of 11 parts, including different wooden pieces in length and color. The player must place all the pieces in the pyramid, assemble them and solve them in the right way so as to obtain the perfect pyramid.This puzzle hel..
29.00лв. 35.00лв.
Ex Tax:29.00лв.
At first glance, a tree trunk, but on closer inspection, the tree trunk turns out to be a cozy blanket. When you open the round zipper, the soft blanket comes to light. It can be easily folded again and retracted. Great gift for both adults and children. You can use the cushion for decoration to ..
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Pastels for painting on textiles in the colors of the rainbow. With the help of eight different colors, your child and even you can unleash your imagination and create unique design models. They are suitable for painting on textile products such as T-shirts, textile bags. They are suitable for use b..
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It doesn't always have to be knitting or crochet when you're in a craft mood! This cute felt picture creates a fluffy sheep. The single ink wool threads must be twisted and matted and then laid in the appropriate shape and fixed with glue. A clever idea to promote craftsmanship, concentration and pa..
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This game is a witty wall decoration! The watch must be made in the form of a game. Color the patterns, decorate them and finally stick them on the double wooden cross. The threads are then added as rope ladders to complete the unusual design.A challenging craft kit that requires concentration, dext..
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Little artists have great fun with this high quality product. The beautiful carpet of foam rubber with summer motifs should be colored with 12 colored pencils. Here, future artists can be inspired by the color pattern of the cardboard box or use their imagination. The finished rug can be a colored m..
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Beautiful lamp made of smooth polished natural wood and fine fabric with angel motif. The small battery candles make the lamp flicker and illuminate the atmosphere. Handmade, this lamp is unique for your home and a great gift!All ToysForHealth products are carefully selected and recommended by our t..
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To this day, this little music box is still popular not only among children but also among parents as a memory of their childhood. When you turn the handle, the lantern with the shepherd will play "Oh, you dear Augustin", the lantern with the circus - "London Bridge", and the box with sea animals wi..
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This retro metallic monocoque in pink has compartments for three large pot holders. Great decor that attracts the eye for a lobby, restaurant or terrace!..
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Desktop wooden calendar Desktop wooden calendar
New -10 %
We present you a desktop wooden calendar, suitable for home, office or just as a gift. With it you do not need to buy a calendar every year, you just need to change the numbers and months of solid wood blocks. With the help of the wooden calendar you can save unnecessary paper and save nature.In add..
35.00лв. 39.00лв.
Ex Tax:35.00лв.
A set of two cute and practical owls at the same time. These two owls are decorative, as well as original door restraints and beautify the living room. In the colors brown and purple, stuffed owls are strong, heavy and withstand heavy pressure.Dimensions: 16/11/26cm. ; Weight: 2 kg...
Ex Tax:62.00лв.
Make an authentic bag! You can paint on it and color it entirely to your liking, whipping up your imagination. Various figures are printed on the cotton bag, on which you can create. Choose the color of butterflies, flowers and grass. Use textile wax crayons (search the site) for quality coloring. T..
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Parkour with balls - a game of skill Parkour with balls - a game of skill
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A game to stimulate dexterity, concentration, strategic thinking and a sense of balance. You will only win in this game if you act as a team. The goal is to pass the metal ball through the maze to the finish, carefully moving the base of the game. The fun is double because the game has two levels of..
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All ToysForHealth products are carefully selected and recommended by our team of health experts and clinical psychologists. Based on the assessment, this product is extremely suitable for the development of mental and cognitive skills in children and adults.This is a great board game for two players..
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Create fun felt dolls so that fine motor skills can be practiced enthusiastically and playfully. The gloves must be complemented with cut-outs and jewelry (feathers, wooden beads, a small anchor) and now the child can begin the journey into the fictional world of adventure! The instructions will hel..
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A set of two fun bags that catch the eye with wagging tails. Two felt bags with long handles show in a comic style what is as cute as a moving little tail! The harmonious color scheme in gray / orange and sewn decor look cheeky and cheerful.Dimensions: large bag 30 x 25 x 0.5 cm;the small bag 15 x 1..
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Folded like cute dogs, these little towels in a transparent package are a great gift for little ones! The touch of the pleasant plush fabric creates the feeling of calm and coziness in young children. Quantity: 3 pcs. Material: plushDimensions: 6/5/9cm. ; Weight: 0.24 kg...
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With this fun game you can give many happy hours to your child. By sharing the emotion of fun and play together, the joy for a child will be even greater. Throw the ball and catch it with the provided accessories.Playing will help children develop their coordination and accuracy, promote their motor..
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The cloth watering can is not filled with water, but with the four small garden creatures made of soft fabric. They make sounds when you press them - they hum, ring, laugh and the butterfly even flutters its wings! The lid closes tightly with velcro.Plush toys provide warmth and security for childre..
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This wooden maze is designed for adults and children over 6 years of age. It is made of high-quality wood, which makes it easy for children's little hands. Now you can entertain the whole family in the living room on the coffee table or around the kitchen table.Relax in the legendary maze of the isl..
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