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"We don't stop playing because we get older. We are getting old because we stop playing! ” Benjamin Franklin. Toys for health - wake up your brain while playing!


We present to you a luxurious wooden puzzle made of solid monkey pod wood: Bermuda Triangle.All small triangular tiles should be placed in the large t..
Ex Tax:35.00лв.
We present you a wonderful map of the world with different colors of each continent. The only challenge in front of you is to solve the puzzle of 300 ..
Ex Tax:49.00лв.
This beautiful set of beads is for creative designers of jewelry and ornaments! With this comprehensive selection of wooden beads in five different co..
Ex Tax:34.00лв.
We present you a high quality 3D wooden puzzle "Football" made of solid monkey pod wood, suitable for children. This is a game that develops intellige..
Ex Tax:35.00лв.
This family game for children and adults is created from natural solid monkey wood with high quality blocks that are strong and durable. This is one o..
Ex Tax:39.00лв.
We present to you a luxury game made of high quality solid monkey pod wood.This game can be played alone or by 2-4 players. The player must roll two d..
Ex Tax:35.00лв.
This luxury set consists of 6 puzzles of high quality solid monkey pod wood, placed in a beautiful box.Each puzzle is made up of individual parts that..
Ex Tax:55.00лв.
This luxurious wooden Tic-tac-toe game, is designed for adults and children over 6 years old. It is made of high quality solid monkey pod wood, which ..
Ex Tax:35.00лв.
Great wooden game for which you need patience, a calm hand, concentration, imagination and a lot of humor. This option is unconventional, as the tower..
Ex Tax:29.00лв.
We present you a high quality and precisely made puzzle made of natural solid monkey pod wood - a great game / gift for adults!The idea of ​​the puzzl..
Ex Tax:47.00лв.

About us

Perhaps, going back to your childhood, you remember the toy that touched your child's casual soul. Regardless of age - we all need games.

Games are important to develop our brain activity, forget about stress and stay away from nasty diseases.

Do you know a sad person who plays? It is unlikely that the game is a tool that keeps the mind clear and the spirit healthy.